23 Apr 2014 
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 Customer Collaboration Designs Excellence
  We say it a lot here at CorkSport, but it’s true, we really enjoy getting our customers involved with the development process and as an engineer at CorkSport, I get to interact with customers on new product
 Customer Collaboration - Eyelids
 It’s not just an excerpt from the Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln, but also how we try to produce new products. Let’s face it, if a part is not something that you want, you don’t buy it. So what is the easiest way to produce parts that customers w
 Camber Plates Product Idea: How this part came to be
  We received product idea submissions from a few customers recently about making adjustable camber plates for the 2010+ MazdaSpeed3. After careful consideration we chose to go forward with this pr
 Camber Plates Product Idea: The Story So Far
  Having communicated with our customers previously we had a good idea of where we were going with this product. The main feedback that we had gotten from Eric was that it needed to be simple but accurate, and something that people could adjust quickly at
 Camber Plates Product Idea: Where Are We Now?
  So it's been a few weeks since our last update, but worry not Mazda fans because we have still been hard at work! Our original design was looking to retail for $300. This design requires cutting of sheet metal for clearance of camber adjustment bolts
 Continued Development on our CorkSport Camber Plates for the 2010+ MazdaSpeed 3
  Though it’s been several months since our last update, we’ve continued to work hard towards getting this product to market. We continued testing our prototype camber plates internally and got some great feedback from Todd. We learned that
 When Products in Development Don’t Make the Grade
  Things don’t always go as planned. We begin a project thinking our customers will be able to get good results out of a new performance product only to find, when we start testing, those results don’t show up. An example of this is the CorkSport Cold
 RX8Club Customer Collaboration
 Here's a link to a great thread on RX8Club where we worked with customers for advice on our single-exit RX-8 exhaust:http://www.rx8club.com/showthread.php?t=220765
 Catch Can Customer Collaboration
 Here's a link to a fantastic thread on MazdaSpeedForums where we worked with customers on our Titanium Catch Can:www.mazdaspeedforums.org/forum/f500/co
 Camber Plates Product Idea: So Where Did We End Up?
  We’re proud to announce the release of our deepest customer collaboration effort to date. We started the development process for these camber plates almost a year ago! The idea started with a product idea submission from Todd Friar, a wel
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