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 Continued Development on our CorkSport Camber Plates for the 2010+ MazdaSpeed 3
Article Though it’s been several months since our last update, we’ve continued to work hard towards getting this product to market.

We continued testing our prototype camber plates internally and got some great feedback from Todd. We learned that due to spring interference, the camber plates can’t go past about -1.5 degrees of camber. We tested OEM springs, H&R springs, and our recently released springs. They all performed similarly.

We explored some potential ways to solve this problem. Again, back to Todd and Eric for feedback.
Which option do you like?

1) $349 for plates only. Recommend product for use with coil-overs or for people that are fine with the limitation of a maximum of -1.5 degrees on struts.
2) Do combo price with CorkSport lowering springs, $499 for springs and camber plates.
3) $399 for plates and front springs. Do a combo of tighter wound front springs to allow for more camber adjustment and offset the 1/3” increase in ride height from the camber plates.

Todd, Eric, and our staff liked the second option the best. Most people that will be interested in camber plates will also be interested in lowering their car.

We developed new front springs, and after testing have verified we can get around -2.5 degrees of camber with our prototype camber plates and a reduction of about 1” in ride height.
  • CS Lowering Springs ~1.2” front, ~1.0” rear
  • CS Lowering Springs , w/camber adjustment ~1.0” front, ~1.0: rear
Since we had yet to convince Eric that cutting his strut tower was ok, we presented him with some failure analysis. This analysis confirms that, while cutting may be undesirable for a number of reasons, if done properly it is safe. The yield strength is far above anything seen in the simulations below.

The final design will incorporate these refinements from our customer collaboration efforts.
  • Revised recessed design to remove the requirement to enlarge the hole in the strut tower.
  • Larger strut bolts to reduce camber variation from removal and reinstallation.
  • Longer strut bolts to allow for strut brace installations.
  • Custom lowering springs to allow for more than -1.5 degree which is limited by the factory chassis using struts.
We expect to release this kit in early 2012.

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